Can the developers please give a lead into:

1) How to write a static interface for a custom device in player?
2) How to have a plugin interface that provides support to c++ clients for a custom plugin interface?

There are no resources all over the net, telling about this.
Resources on the net only tell about plugin interface with support for 'c' clients only (which I would say is also incomplete). I have that working perfectly by following the instructions and making the rest out by myself. But just cant make out how to do the above two. I doubt, if anybody other than the developers can help about it. So its a request to the developers to give some information regarding the above or atleast point out resources on the net which talks about doing the above.


On 15 June 2011 03:31, Anirban Basumallik <> wrote:
Hi All,

I have written a plugin interface and its working properly. Now I am trying to add a static interface by the name "linefollower" in the Player source code.

I have done the following so far:

Added a file: libplayerinterface/interfaces/110_linefollower.def (and added the entry in the corresponding CMakeLists.txt)
Added a file: client_libs/libplayerc/dev_linefollower.c (and added the entry in the corresponding CMakeLists.txt)
Added a struct and some function names needed by the above file in: client_libs/libplayerc/playerc.h

The source is compiling correctly without any errors.
But when I'm writing a driver and a .cfg file to use this interface, i'm getting an error example.cfg:15 error: unknown interface: [linefollower]

I suppose, I am missing out on something which registers the interface in some table. Can anyone suggest what else I am supposed to do to get the interface working?