Hi all,

I've been using fiducialfinder for a while now.
But I just noticed when a robot request the pose of the detected robot, fiducial's pose.px and pose.py return a different value.
I know this because I outputted my current robot's position, e.g.

Position2dProxy pp(&robot, index);
FiducialProxy fp(&robot, index);

myposx = pp.GetXPos();
myposy = pp.GetYPos();

if becaon detected, get ID and its (x,y) pos
yourID = fp[0].id;
yourpx = fp[0].pose.px;
yourpy = fp[0].pose.py;

these lines are within same one file for all robot, I run each robot by calling its port.
Thus, in one console we can see the output of myposx, myposy, yourpx, and yourpy.
I crosscheck the output between two console window and they're different.

My question (kinda difficult to arrange):
which position is fiducialfinder actually return? Is fiducial still referring to robot's local environment instead of global one?
Does fiducial involve localization too? Thus I need to add localization parameter within the cfg file.

Thank you for any help.