This looks really novel and very interesting. Thanks for sharing

On 30 June 2010 00:27, Paul Osmialowski <> wrote:
Hello all,

I've developed something that may be interesting for some of you.
Playergate is a HTTP server that is also Player client. It can be use to
control Player server from web browser.

You can try how it works here:
One of the cameras can be driven by buttons on the right.
Works fine on any xulrunner-based web browser (Firefox and friends) and
MSIE, unfortunately, may work weird on Konqueror. Not tested on Opera and

Source code is available here:
It needs gd library at compile time (available on most Unixes).
Compiles fine on Linux and Solaris 10 (this demo site is working on
Solaris through apache mod_proxy running on Gentoo Linux). The tarball
contains directory named 'vlab' with example configuration files.
Basic authentication can be configured, although it is better to use it
through https protocol (Apache mod_proxy can be used to secure that, you
can try how it works on https:

Playergate needs to be extended. Currently supported interfaces are:
camera, dio, ptz and position2d (which has very limited support: velocity
commands only, no data read). I have prepared some C API for adding new
interfaces, I hope it is easy to learn.

Cheers and have fun,


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