Oh, one thing that may be confusing is that what you draw will be taken relative to the robot's pose.
So you will need to put a dummy robot at origin and have the graphics2d interface defined on this fake robot.

Tuna Toksöz
Eternal sunshine of the open source mind.


2010/6/28 Jacobo Vázquez <knight.hawk.kh@gmail.com>
I tried draw poligon instead points but nothing happens.
My code:

      Graphics2dProxy     grapProxy(&robot,0);


        player_point_2d_t puntos[4];
        puntos[0].px = estimado.X()-1;
        puntos[0].py = estimado.Y()+1;
        puntos[1].px = estimado.X()+1;
        puntos[1].py = estimado.Y()+1;
        puntos[2].px = estimado.X()+1;
        puntos[2].py = estimado.Y()-1;
        puntos[3].px = estimado.X()-1;
        puntos[3].py = estimado.Y()-1;
        player_color_t color;
        color.red = 255;
        grapProxy.DrawPolygon(puntos, 4, 0, color);

I use Stage 3.2.2 with Player 2.1.3.

Thanks again

El 24 de junio de 2010 18:30, Jacobo Vázquez <knight.hawk.kh@gmail.com> escribió:

Is possible to use atm graphics2d in Stage 3.2.2??

I tried to draw some points but got nothing.


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