Thanks Tyler.


2011/1/20 Tyler Gunn <tyler@egunn.com>

> Hi,
> I am also interested to this topic, please what is the version of stage
> that
> supports the wifi_model. Further, is there any model for wireless sensor
> network. I find difficulties to create a wsn under player/stage. I am
> blocked!
> Thank you.

It's a version of 3.2 that I created the patch for:
Apply it to SVN version 8286 of Stage as a starting point.

To get any meaningful communication with Player you'll need to enhance the
code in stage/libstagepluin/p_wifi.cc so that it exposes all functionality
of the stage wifi functionality you're looking to use from within player.
Then in player you'll have to add/update a wifi driver to communicate with
this.  I'm not sure exactly how this is done; it'd likely involve updates
in player/server/drivers/wifi.
I am only using stage in my work so I haven't done anything to write
player drivers or anything like that.


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