A number of small fixes since the rc1 release. Changes as below. The download is available from sourceforce as usual.


3.0.0-rc2 (2009-08-04)
 - Ruby bindings for C++ library, thanks to Piotr for the Python bindings
 - Many copyright clarifications and changes (drivers should all be GPLv2 compat now)
 - add log file switch to server usage information
 - Fixed bug #2826061 CMake Plugin Bug
 - remove chatterbox driver as not of general use
 - Applied patch #2824989 Support for Roomba 500 series
 - Applied patch #2826950 Player SVN trunk: er1 cfmakeraw
 - Applied patch #2825148 Segway RMP driver update
 - Applied patch #2825176 Segway RMP400 Driver
 - Applied patch #2828031 Player SVN trunk: new driver: deadstop
 - Set source queue in Publish calls, fixes behaviour in passthrough
 - Applied patch #2828425 Improved timestamps for Hokuyo
 - Fixed bug #2825091 Phidgets drivers won't compile
 - Added a min_range value to the ranger interface (apparently people actually use the feature request tracker).
 - Added playercommon to playerreplace pkgconfig file

3.0.0-rc1 (2009-07-21)
 Lots of new goodies with the 3.0 release
  - A new build system with cmake (Thanks Geoff)
  - Windows build support (Again, thanks to Geoff)
  - Client library changes
      Ruby binding for the c client lib (Thanks Jordi)
      Python bindings for the c++ client lib (Thanks Piotr)
      Reworked python bindings for c client lib (Thanks Luke)
  - Major changes to the inner workings of threaded drivers.
  - New remote driver connection internals
  - Lots of new drivers
  - Interface changes
      Simplified ranger interface
      Deprecated laser, sonar and IR interfaces (Please upgrade to ranger interface for future releases)
      Remove mcom interface (use opaque instead)
  - Compatibility fixes for Solaris and QNX (Thanks Paul for this)
  - Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes as always.