Yeah karmic is
# gcc --version
gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.0-11ubuntu2) 4.4.0

ran into a bunch of compile issues when packaging Player for Karmic, but it should be clean as of a few weeks ago :)


2009/7/24 Brian Gerkey <>

On Jul 24, 2009, at 9:33 AM, Toby Collett wrote:

> The other configuration that could be useful is an ubuntu karmic or
> debian unstable install. GCC keeps getting stricter about headers
> and so on, so could be good to flush those bugs out. However I think
> you have the most important configurations covered from the player
> side of things.

I just added 32- and 64-bit builds on Ubuntu Jaunty, which uses gcc
4.3.3 (Hardy uses 4.2.4).   I'll eventually get around to setting up a
Karmic box, which I'm guessing uses 4.4.x.


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