Since I seem to have general approval so far (and its really just codifying what we were already doing) I have added this info to the wiki.


2009/7/23 Brian Gerkey <>

On Jul 23, 2009, at 1:50 PM, Toby Collett wrote:

> One change I would recommend: allow individual licensing on the
> drivers within libplayerdrivers, letting the author(s) pick GPL or
> LGPL for each.  There's a lot of valuable code in there, some of which
> could find a useful application in a place where the user doesn't want
> to GPL their code (but is still happy to contribute back to changes to
> the driver code). libplayerdrivers, being the union of all the
> drivers, would be GPL, as far as I understand.  But you could extract
> the code for certain drivers and reuse it under the LGPL.
> This was sort of my intent with the wording that all drivers should
> be GPL 'compatible' which LGPL is.

Perfect.  Sorry I didn't get it the first time.


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