I have been informed that there are a few license issues stopping player 2.1 getting in to debian. In particular there are some source files with no license info, and a mix in GPL v2 and v3 licenses.

I would like to propose the following license policy, and then if there is no major problem with it I will work on making the source meet the proposed structure, this may even mean that some drivers of dubious origin need to be dropped.

Firstly, where GPL licenses are involved we use v2 or v2+, we have far fewer v3 files in the repo, so it is easier to change them than the rest.
All file must have their license in a header at the start of the file.
Unless otherwise stated, all files are LGPL compatible
The exceptions to LGPL are
 -  that the server (including libplayerdrivers) and utils will be GPL compatible
 - anything in examples we should go for BSD compat (This will require some relicensing so we will have to see how plausible it is)

The goal is to:
1) keep things simple
2) maximise the usefulness of player, while still encouraging contribution of features and fixes.

Comments welcome...


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