To have a globally referenced graphics 2d have the stage map model provide it instead of the robot model.


2009/4/29 Markus Eich <>

Dipl. Inf. Markus Eich
DFKI Bremen
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Tel.:   +49 (421) 218-64105
Fax :   +49 (421) 218-64150
Room:   212

Postal address:
DFKI Bremen
Markus Eich
Robert-Hooke-Strasse 5
28359 Bremen

Further informations:

Now I found out that I have to require graphics2d:0 in wavefront and
provide it in a robot. But the "new map" is now turning with the
orientation of the robot. Is it possible to fix the "new map" to the
stage map without writing a coordination transformation?



   name "wavefront"
   provides ["planner:0"]
   requires ["output:::position2d:1" "input:::position2d:2" "map:0"
"laser:1" "graphics2d:0"]
   safety_dist 0.01
   max_radius 0.3
   distance_epsilon 0.5
   robot_radius 0.2
  name "stage"
  provides ["position2d:0" "laser:0" "graphics2d:0"]
  model "r0"


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