The khepera driver is probably the closest driver to what you want, it is a relatively simple serial protocol. I would develop your driver as a plugin as it is much faster to re compile and so on if you are not rebuilding the whole player tree.

2009/3/26 davidzweig <>

I've been working on a robot base for the last couple of months.  To keep
costs down, I've based it around Nikko 1:25 tank, a D-link wired Ethernet
camera (dcs-910) and a D-link DIR-300 router, running 'openWRT' linux.  I've
developed a microcontroller board based on a AVR mega168 that will read
values from a sharp IR sensor, control a couple of servos and the motors
(speed control with back-emf).  The microcontroller board and the router
communicate over a serial connection.  I want to install player on the
router to provide a standard interface to the robot, and allow
teleoperation.  If I had known about the boards produced by pololu, I might
not have bothered to produce my own.

I don't have any experience with player/stage, the project deadline is
looming, and my supervisor is unhelpful.  I have some C programming skills,
and previously studied some python.  From the player/stage website, I
understand I need to write drivers for the player server.  These drivers
will basically just send commands down the serial line, where the mc will
carry out the commands.  I'm looking for basic movement commands only at
this stage.

My questions are:

Are there any projects or existing drivers that could readily adapted for my
Is there a way to integrate the video stream from the IP cam into the player
Are there any particular issues with installing player on the router?

Any help greatly appreciated!
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