With the image one, I would say you are right about it being a size problem, in general player log files would be an inefficient way to store image data, but I guess useful if you are going to play them back anyhow...

I dont know of any other reason it was disabled...could make it a driver option to enable it...


2009/2/10 Patrick Beeson <pbeeson@cs.utexas.edu>
Patrick Beeson wrote:
> 1) Is this (2Gb file limit) a design feature, or simply an artifact
> of the current code? If I were to patch this, does anyone know the
> best place to start looking (other than simply writelog.cc).

OK.  I now see that 2GB file limits are common, as C++ compilers
usually use file pointers that mac out at 2^31, which is 2GB.  There
seem to be a variety of ways to fix this, mainly using compile macros

I'll look into making Player files get > 2GB on Linux systems.  If I get
something portable, I'll submit a patch.

> I noticed in the Player writelog that there was some code written to
> log image interfaces, but it is not used (#if 0).
> 2) Any reason as to why this shouldn't be used?  Other than the 2Gb
> limit?

Still could use an answer for this.

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