is the fresh variable set after the read call?

2008/6/22 Fred Labrosse <>:

Now being able to connect to an LMS200 (this seems to be a huge problem
for many people... including myself), I'm trying to use a LaserProxy.

It seems that it is possible to get a valid instance of LaserProxy that
contains an uninitialised "ranges" array, as gdb reveals.  More
specifically, if lp is dynamically allocated (I didn't try a static
allocation) in a successful try/catch block, getting a valid address, my
client seg faults on the first lp[0].  Running that in gdb reveals that
lp->mDevice->ranges is 0x0.

I have to say that the connection to the LMS200 is not without problems
and many timeouts are printed by player.

Any idea what's wrong?



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