A few things we need to know...
* what versions of player and stage are you using
* you talk about simple.cfg which implies a simulated robot, are you also working with a real robot?

also, can you provide a gdb backtrace of the segfault.


On 30/01/2008, Eshwaran VijayKumar <eshwaran.vijaykumar@gmail.com> wrote:
 I have been trying to use the sonar interface with the pioneer2dx robot . However when i try to run ./sonarobstacleavoid after running the simple.cfg file i get an error as
 localhost : 6665
 Segmentation fault

Can any one help me out with this error? The strange thing is if I run both laserobstacleavoid and sonarobstacleavoid on the same robot using the simple.cfg file and shut down laserobstacleavoid after letting it run first. The sonar seems to be working ok.


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