Most of the memory enhancement changes are still in progress, but should be ready for merging with the main player CVS next week. Patches are always welcome.


On 17/10/2007, Paul Osmialowski <newchief@king.net.pl> wrote:
Hi Toby,
Did you do the changes in XDR code that you'd mentioned earlier? Looks
like now CVS Player is able to use camera on tiny embedded machine!
For last two days I'm fighting with tiny mainboard with etrax/cris SoC CPU
installed (it's called Foxboard from ACME systems). It offers 32MB RAM, of
which 10MB is used by RAM disk. Looks like it is enough if and only if
camera offers JPEG compressed stream. Most of such cameras have drivers
that offer v4l2 API and camerauvc Player driver can be used for them.
Unfortunately, there's only one kind of cameras that are working with
foxboards: spca5xx compatible Labtec USB webcams. They offer old v4l API.
I had to rework camerav4l driver code to make it work with this kind of
camera. It wasn't hard task at all, since there's source code of program
called foxserv, so I was able to look how it should be written to make it
work. My changes are:
- new value for 'mode' entry in configuration file: "JPEG"
- VIDEO_PALETTE_JPEG definition, as it is defined in spca5xx module code
- if mode is set to "JPEG", compression field is set to
PLAYER_COMPRESS_JPEG (or something like that) and data are passed without
any changes to the client
- queue length for this driver is now 1
- new configuration entries: brightness, hue, colour and contrast, for
most cases they don't need to be set, but spca5xx sets them to 0 by
default, so the image is all dark, therefore these values need to be
changed before frame grabbing is started.

Tomorrow (european) evening I'll be able to send patched driver here.
Since I've realised that it can be even less memory consuming, I had to
test my new idea before I release it here.

Using both USB webcam and USB wifi adapter connected to the Foxboard, I'm
having another big problem: they cannot be used together at the same time,
since it causes WiFi to stop working. I wonder how can I rework Player so
it stops itself completely whenever frame is grabbed from the camera. For
now I'm using wired communication as Foxboard provides RJ45 socket.


On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Paul Osmialowski wrote:

> On Fri, 21 Sep 2007, Toby Collett wrote:
>> The upshot, v4l should behave like uvc now, which works for me for a
>> reasonable length of time. The down side is the v4l driver will consume
>> slightly more memory that it previously did, however this will be
>> corrected in the next few weeks once the static arrays are removed
>> completely.

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