Yes the release 2.1 section is the right place for it. In terms of creating patches

cvs diff -u > patch_file

will produce a usable patch, although be aware of any new files that have been added as these will not be seen by cvs until they are explicitly added.


On 6/6/07, Pablo Rivera <> wrote:

Thanks for the reply. By player 2.1 roadmap you mean the "Release 2.1"
section on ?

Also forgive my developer noobishness but is there any howto or guidelines
on writing a usable Player driver patch? Googling led me to
for general info about creating a patch.

Toby Collett wrote:

If you upload a patch to the patches page on sourceforge then one of the
developers will be able to apply it. If you can make sure you have a
documentation block that describes the driver interface, author and any
important notes that will be good.

Also if you add a note on the player wiki on the player 2.1 roadmap then
we can make sure the driver makes it into the 2.1 release


Pablo Rivera wrote:
> hi,
> We are using a "Roboteq AX2550 Digital Speed Controller," Dual Channel -
> up to 120 Amps, on an outdoor robot. It has proved to be very reliable
> offers many configuration options. I have written a driver (as a shared
> object,) for Player 2 through the Position2d interface. It seems stable
> (used it for about a year with no problems,) although it is very
> bare-bones and does not implement many of the capabilities of the
> How would I go about submitting it to the Player project?
> thanks,
> Pablo Rivera
> University of Nevada, Reno

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