Have a look at some of the existing drivers for serial port IO, specifically the flockofbirds driver should be a relatively simple driver that reads from a serial port, or the khepera driver is a more complex driver that reads from serial (but it is not used much anymore so may be a little out of date). There are heaps more examples in player, probably every other hardware driver uses serial, so there will be quite a variety of examples.

Actually serial communications is something that could do with some refactoring some day..


On 4/27/07, Brian Thomas Goodwin < btg006@latech.edu> wrote:
Is it possible to take a program such as minicom to open a terminal
window to a serially connected device and pipe it into a pseudo
'device' so a running program can 'read' from the pseudo device?

I'm having trouble coming up with working code to open a serial
connection to a Cricket V2 node and reading its output into my
program.  I have limited programming knowledge so if anyone knows of a
tutorial that might help, I would really appreciate it.

Frankly, the algorithms we want to implement should be well within our
grasp as programmers... Writing a driver to translate signals from a
serially attached device is simply not inside the realm of things we
want to waste months on if we can at all avoid it.

Thank you all for any suggestions,

Louisiana Tech University
Undergraduate Researcher

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