Thanks Richard. I just found out the problem, and hope it could be useful for others.

My bitmap is much more complicate than cave.png. Although the stage gui pops up with everything, it hasn’t completed the initialization.

After I put some sleep time before loading the playerclient, it runs fine.




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Sounds like Stage isn't able to make sense of your image. It should be a grayscale image, using black and white only. 


If that clue doesn't help you, please post your complete world file and a link to your image, and we can take a look. 




On 24-Mar-08, at 9:36 AM, Zhu, Hua wrote:



I'm wondering if anyone know what causes the following problem.


I start a playerstage simulation with something like “player mysim.cfg”. The corresponding stage .world file read a square .png image. Then I start my own playerclient program which tries to connect one robot via its listening port, e.g., 6665.


If I use any image provided by the playerstage package, such as cave.png, we playerclient program can establish the connection and everything run fine. However, if I switch to my own .png file (by only change the image file name in the .world file, nothing else), I always receive the error below


playerc error :  connect call on [localhost:6665] failed with error [111:Connection refused] terminate call after throwing an instance of 'PlayerCc::PlayerError'


When I change it back to cave.png, it runs fine again.


Although the playerclient program cannot connect, the stage simulation does read my png image and all the walls inside. Robots in stage GUI obey the rules of wall.


I'm wondering what I did wrong? Anyone has similar experience?


Appreciate your help,



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