Dear Developers of Stage,
I am student from Germany and working on my Masterthesis. I have choosen to develope a simulation-tool for testing localization algorithms. This tool should be used in our Robocup-Team and other more general projects. When I found Stage and tested it, I decided to use it for my work. So my task is to modify Stage to make the sensors more realistic. I want to implement typical errors in the main sensor classes and validate this errors by comparison with real hardware. I am using Stage version 3.0.1. Already there exists a simple lasernoise plugin. So my questions are:
Are there any of the developers dooing the same work at the moment?  
Perhaps you are interessted in my work afterwards, so can you give me some hints in which way I should implement my modifications, e.g. trying to realize most of them as plugins, or it would be nice to hear something about your plans in implementing realistic failure-models for the sensors.  
I would be thankful about some feedback.