I tried cameravl2, and the player server outputs:
warning : Implicitly using channel 0
... (other unrelated stuff) ...
ioctl error (VIDIOC_S_FMT)
error   : Driver failed to Setup (-1)

The viewer program (playerv/playercam) does not show anything. 

cvcam didn't build for some reason, I'll let you know how that goes once i rebuild.  Thanks

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 2:21 AM, Paul Osmialowski <newchief@king.net.pl> wrote:
Hi Paul,

What version of Player are you using? In Player-3 there should be more
v4l/v4l2 comptatible drivers: cvcam and camerav4l2. Due to kernel
developers plan to remove old v4l API from kernel, camerav4l may not work
(or work properly) in recent distros. The camerav4l2 driver uses new API.
Having these drivers you should be able to see image from any camera on
which you have image using programs like ekiga or recent versions of
Also videoplayer2 is now obsolete as new versions are called videoplayer
again (both gtk-1.2 and gtk-2.x versions are now in one tarball). Current
version is 20090818:


On Sun, 27 Sep 2009, Paul Ozog wrote:

> I have tried using camerauvc and camerav4l on my integrated webcam in a
> simple player server.  I try to view the camera with playerv and playercam
> and Paul Osmialowski's videoplayer2-gtk2 and none of them work.  When I use
> cameruvc I get this as the output of playerv:
> Bogus Huffman table definition
> sonething very bad has happened
> (repeat)
> There is a display window, but it just shows a bunch of static.  The static
> reacts when I cover the web cam with my hand (hard to explain)
> The output of the player server seems ok:
> accepted TCP client 0 on port 6665, fd 5
> CameraUvc: Driver initialising
> CameraUvc: Driver initialisation done
> When I use camerav4l as the driver, playerv exits with:
> fg_open(): warning: cannot get tuner info (not present?): Invalid argument
> fg_open(): get framebuffer failed; ignoring: Invalid argument
> fg_open(): get memory buffer: Invalid argument
> error   : unable to open /dev/video0
> error   : Driver failed to Setup (-1)
> I get the same things when I use a usb Logitech camera (M/N: V-UBK45) and
> camerauvc.  I use player 3.0.0 on Ubuntu 9.04.  All web cams work in cheese,
> gstreamer-properties, xawtv.  Any advice?  Do some v4l web cams work better
> than others?
> Paul

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