I am new to this software and want to know how I get started on using the Lisp libraries.


In the Player user manual, section 0.1 it says a language specific manual is available for LISP.  I did not see it anywhere on the main page or Brendan Burns’ page; where do I get it?


The current problem I am having is for the lisp client, when I first load “load.lisp”, I get  the error “odd number of subforms to setf”  To try to fix it, in line 144 of player-connection.lisp I took out the code:

#+Allegro (… somecode1…)

#+MCL (… somecode2…)

            and just have



            Now I can load “load” and “randomwalk.lisp” but when I just try the function (randomwalk) I get “error – attempt to talk the value of the unbounded variable ‘player::*Player-Bannerlen*’”


I am running Redhat 9 and Allegra CL 6.2


Thank you for your time,