without liability under the antitrust laws. Any such terms and rates of royalty payments shall be effective upon filing in the Copyright Office, in accordance with regulations that the Register
of Copyrights shall prescribe. (2) On January 3, 1980, the Register of Copyrights, after consulting
with authors and other owners of copyright in nondramatic
literary works and their representatives, and with public broadcasting entities and their representatives, shall submit to the Congress a report setting forth the extent to which voluntary licensing
arrangements have been
reached with respect to the use of nondramatic literary works by such broadcast stations. The report should also describe any problems that may have arisen, and present legislative or other recommendations, if warranted. (f) Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit, beyond the limits of fair use as provided by section 107, the unauthorized dramatization of a nondramatic musical work, the production
of a transmission program drawn to any substantial extent

from a published compilation of pictorial, graphic,
or sculptural
works, or the unauthorized use of any portion
of an audiovisual work. (g) As used in this section, the term "public
bro adca