At this time, you did not know the value of nature which is another element when it comes to magnetism. the way the person acts around you will give off a certain vibe or feel, making you a happier person when around them. if you feel worried and not so sure of ourselves, it's a good sign you have not known them for that long. not to worry, there are a few things you can do to change this.

The third law of magnetism has to do with ambition. why do you want to be with this guy or girl in the first place? do they make you feel exclusive or are you just trying to get ahead in life with your personal image?
by dating someone who is much older than you are, what you are doing is showing people you are ready for a obligation and are serious in your commitment.

If you are a woman who is with a much experienced man, you may just be trying to fit yourself into a "secure" connection. Yes, we are talking both financially and mentally. women aren't guilty of doing this all the time since men do it as well. just know what your desire is before you step into the magnetism.

The last law of magnetism similarity. how comparable are the likes among you and your crush? if you have already acknowledged similar likes such as work of art, volunteering, understanding, and biking - there is a good chance the two of you are already are getting along. some say that opposites gain more but after thirty years of age, we tend to go for people who have like interests, as we already know this will make the relationship more easy for us.

As an example, if your partner smokes cigarettes and you absolutely hate it - who do you think will be the one having to go outside to smoke? what about a couple who shares alternative views on food?
A vegetarian woman might have trouble selecting a dish after her husband takes her out to the all your are able to eat "Steak house", while he happily chows down without a care in the world.

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