On 17-Jul-05, at 10:58 AM, Jefferson Provost wrote:

Richard vaughan wrote:

Use pkg-config: it  does exactly  what you want. All Player/Stage project
software comes with .pc files. Having said that, it may be  that libstage.pc
is missing a header or two, but that's easy to fix.

That looks like it should do what I want. But it still gives me some missing
dependencies. e.g.:

usr/local/lib/libstage.so: undefined reference to

...and several more like that.

That's a bug. libstage shouldn't depend on any player stuff (the Driver class is from Player). libstageplugin does depend on Player stuff.  I'll fix that.

BTW, does it matter that libstage.so is the player driver plugin, while
libstage.a seems to be just the stage parts w/o the driver parts (I think?).  I
was using libstage.a before trying to use pkg-config.

See above. You should link libstage. The plugin code is no use to you without Player. 

I'd be happy to distribute the SWIG stuff. It'd be a great help if  you could
supply a patch against CVS HEAD. I'll be cleaning up the  libstage API in the
next week or two (or three) in anticipation of a  release, so it will be a
slightly moving target in that period. If  you don't fancy tracking my
changes in that period (and I wouldn't  blame you), then it may be wise to
wait for the 2.0.0 release,   because then the API should be somewhat stable.
We could add SWIG for  2.0.1 shortly afterwards.

I can try and give a patch for that, but my problem is that I don't really
understand automake and autoconf very well, so I'm not sure if I can get the
makefiles and stuff set up correctly.

I don't know if anyone could claim to understand all of the autotools very well. It's voodoo. But if you submit a Makefile and source I can slot it in there. 

So where should I send patches, anyway?

Use the patch tracker on sourceforge. Access it just like the bug tracker.