Hello all,


Player 3.0.2, the second patch release in the Player 3.0 line, has been released.  This release contains many bugfixes and functionality enhancements that have been accepted over the six months that Player 3.0.1 has been out.  The source tarball is currently available, and a Windows build should be available within a few days.  Some highlights include:


 - Various small warning fixes

 - Fixes for documentation build process

 - Fixes for Windows compilation

 - Fixes for Ruby bindings installation

 - Fixes for p2os driver (removed ARNL parameters)

 - Fix timestamp intialisation in rflex sleep loop (thanks Giri)

 - Fixed bug 3013281: simulation->GetProperty bug

 - New Driver: opaquecmd

 - New Driver: cameragst

 - New Driver: blobposition

 - New Driver: postlog

 - New Driver: searchpattern

 - New Driver: speechcmd

 - New Driver: imgcmp

 - New Driver: imgsave


For the complete list of changes, see the ChangeLog included in the source, or the one included in the Files section of SourceForge.


You can download the new release from SourceForge:



For those interested in using Player on Windows, there is a guide in the wiki at



Please report any bugs or patches to the project’s SourceForge tracker:




I’d also like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Rich Mattes, as the newest maintainer of the Player project.  From now on, I will be helping with much of the day-to-day maintenance of Player, including applying patches, handling bug reports, making releases, etc.