Blackboard would be the easiest driver to use.  You can use a single instance of the “localbb” driver, and have each robot push its position to a certain key value intermittently.  They can also read keys from other robots to determine other positions (or not, you can perform some sort of range calculation to accept data from only close robots).  There was some discussion of blackboard on this list a few months ago [1].  You wouldn’t need to use a passthrough driver if you use blackboard.







From: Malika Meghjani []
Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 12:14 PM
Subject: [Playerstage-users] inter-robot communication



Does anyone know about a driver which can be used for inter-robot communication? Specifically, I want two robots to exchange information about their positions when they are within a certain radius around each other. I was looking at pass through driver for this but not sure if it's an overkill.  Also, if pass through is the relevant driver in this case, can someone provide an example on how to use it with blackboard proxy?