Hello developers,


My name is Robert Ivaniszyn II and I represent an IT and Engineering consultancy by the name of Design Solutions. We are located in northern Illinois, and we looking for a bit of help getting play up and running.


We have been through the documentation a few times for running player on Windows, and we feel as if we are going in circles.


The end hope is to use player in conjunction with the SICK LMS 400 driver for player in order to apply the LMS to an industrial application we have received a project for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Our main concerns are:


1. Where can we find the definitive set-up guide for Windows?

2. What parts of player (gazebo, stage, etc) would we need to send commands to the LMS 400 and recieve data back?


Thank you for your time and we hope to hear back from you soon.


Best Regards,


Robert Ivaniszyn II