I installed P/G both from CVS two days ago without problem and tried to use playerv to test LMS200 using a simple configuration file, as shown below.


Laser ( driver “sicklms200” port “dev/ttyS0” )


The initialization of LMS200 was fine until scanning data. The error message is as follows.



            LASER: RLD: scan data OK

            Player error : sicklms200.cc:ReadFromLaser():

                        CRC error, ignoring packet


            Player error : sicklms200.cc:ReadFromLaser():

                        Buffer overflow (len > max_len)



If I stop subscribing data in playerv, the error message will be

            Player warning : sicklms200.cc:CloseTerm():

                        Ioctl() failedwhile trying to reset serial to old state

            Laser has been shutdown


I have used demo program from SICK and it seems the LMS200 works just fine. What went wrong?


Any help is greatly appreciated.




Xi Wang