#345 Stage3-git: missing GLU libraries on linking

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Jan Schlüter

In my setup (Ubuntu 10.04) the linker commands in the make files generated by cmake for the git version of Stage do not include -lglu, causing errors when linking libstage.so (of the kind: "undefined reference to 'gluSphere'").
To fix, I had to uncomment the line "# ${OPENGL_LIBRARIES} # is it safe to remove permanently?" in libstage/CMakeLists.txt.

The problem seems to be that most versions of fltk-config automatically include -lglu, but the ones of Debian/Ubuntu do not - the same problem was described here for Ubuntu 7.10 three years ago: http://www.geuz.org/pipermail/gmsh/2007/002835.html

My setup:
$ dpkg -l | fltk
ii libfltk1.1 1.1.10-2 Fast Light Toolkit - shared libraries
ii libfltk1.1-dev 1.1.10-2 Fast Light Toolkit - development files
$ fltk-config --version
$ fltk-config --use-gl --use-graphics --ldflags
-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions -lfltk_images -lfltk_gl -lfltk

Please tell me if you need any further information about my system configuration.


  • Rich Mattes
    Rich Mattes

    It looks like Ubuntu patched the GL libraries out of fltk-config. It's probably not safe to uncomment the GL libraries in all cases, as other distributions will have the GL libraries in fltk-config. Try to apply the attached patch, it should add the GL libs to the target if "-lGL" isn't in the FLTK_LDFLAGS.

  • Rich Mattes
    Rich Mattes

    Add missing opengl libraries

  • Fixed in SVN HEAD. Thanks very much for the report.

  • Uncommented the extra link flag as described. Thanks for the report.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • My previous comment was too hasty. I read Rich Mattes' comment below and went with his approach, now committed to master.