#327 Camera image broken in Python

Brian Gerkey
player (137)

After revision 4232 the binding for camera image dont work anymore in client_libs/libplayerc/bindings/python/playerc.i

At line 373 in playerc.i

%typemap(out) uint8_t [ANY]
$result = PyBuffer_FromMemory((void*)$1,sizeof(uint8_t)*$1_dim0);

As i understad it $1_dim0 takes the size of the array but camera image is no longer an array as of rev 4232 its a pointer to memory so sizeof(uint8_t)*$1_dim0 will be zero.

What can we do to get camera.image to work in python?


  • Anonymous

    It was i, Torbjorn Svangard, who wrote this bug report... i forgot to login :)
    You can reach me at 'tosv8225 {at] student.uu.se'

  • Rich Mattes
    Rich Mattes

    SVN revision 9010 contians a fix for this problem. uint8_t * arrays are now treated the same way as double* float* and int* arrays. This allows camera image data to be indexed much the same way laser.ranges are, for example. Please file a new bug if you experience any problems.

  • Rich Mattes
    Rich Mattes

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Hi all! At some point we had some problems with our notification for bug reports like this, and I don't have any memory of ever having seen this problem report before. Sorry if it seemed to be ignored, and I'm glad that it's solved now!

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