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#305 Stage 3.2.0 bug with Fast speed, not quit_time problem

stage (111)
Ilari Vallivaara

The problems I reported is not related to quit_time (it's uncommented in 3.1.0 too). Fast speed works only for a fraction of a second (real time) and then it slows down. Quit_time doesn't explain the strange behaviour in GUI when paused either: moving the map with mouse, it seems like the simulator unpauses for the movement's time and then pauses again to show where the robots end up, causing a jump-like effect.

I'm wondering if this could be a OpenGL library or graphics card (ATI) related problem. The reasons for this are
- When I installed 3.1.0 again to fix things after installing 3.2.0, the Pause problem vanished, but the Fast speed problem remained. The simulation didn't work faster than real time unless I chose not to draw blocks in GUI. Without block drawing the re-installed 3.1.0 worked in Fast speed like before, but with blocks the performance slowed down to real time.
- In fasr example 3.2.0 has fancier charger homing rays (dotted lines), whereas in 3.1.0 the rays are just solid pink lines. Re-installing 3.1.0 after 3.2.0 doesn't return the solid lines - the rays stay fancy and dotted. This makes me wonder if 3.2.0 installed (due to new dependencies?) some different OpenGL libs that don't work well with ATI. Installing 3.2.0 changed something but I can't figure out what.

Graphic problems don't explain the strange Pause behavior though.

Now I'm afraid to install Stage 3.2.0 again because last time I, not being a Linux expert, wasn't able to get even 3.1.0 work properly on the same Linux after that. I will record the behavior when I install 3.2.0 next time.


  • As it can be seen on the video, I wasn't able to reproduce the strange Fast speed behavior, but the Pause bug should be seen quite clearly.

  • I have reworked the related code, and I can not reproduce the error. Could you test Stage SVN trunk and see if you still have the problem, please?

  • I tested Stage SVN trunk and I couldn't reproduce the error, so I think the problem - whatever it was - is fixed.

    Thank you.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed