#304 Stage 3.2.0 bug with Fast speed and Pause

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Ilari Vallivaara

After installing Stage 3.2.0 straight out of box on Ubuntu 9.04 and testing it with simple.world, trying Fast speed results in strange behavior:
- when you choose Fast speed from the Run menu, it only runs (jumps) for a certain time and then returns to Realtime
- when simulation is paused and Fast speed is on, moving the map with mouse causes the simulation to unpause and the robot moves (jumps) seemingly random amounts

The same thing happens with other example worlds too.

Stage 3.1.0 works just fine.


  • I must correct myself that Stage 3.1.0 _worked_ just fine.

    Actually now it seems that even Stage 3.1.0 doesn't work properly anymore. The Fast speed + Pause + moving the map problem has disappeared, but Fast speed doesn't work correctly. When choosing Fast from the Run menu, there is a jump in robot motion and then it returns to Realtime.

    I'm not even sure if this happens because of a bug or have I done something really wrong, because even the earlier version doesn't work.

  • Trying to get things working again I realized the following:

    In Stage 3.1.0, when pausing the simulation, processor load goes to zero, whereas in Stage 3.2.0 the processor load stays the same than when Stage is running. I think this has to have something to do with the internal event queue introduced in Stage 3.2.0.

    (And it still puzzles me why the earlier version (3.1.0) worked just fine before installing the newer one (3.2.0), but now I can't get it working.)

  • On closer inspection, the code seems to be working properly. The worldfile simple.world sets

    quit_time 3600

    which will quit Stage if run without a GUI, or pause Stage when run with a GUI. When developing, I time how long it takes to run 1 hour of simulated time to make sure I haven't slowed things down. Comment it out to avoid the automatic pause. I left it in to draw attention to this feature, and so I don't have to remember to change it all the time,

    The behaviour I see on OSX and Ubuntu 9.04 is correct. I have run it for 20 simulated hours, switching between fast and real time at random.

    Let me know if you see any problems.


    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me