PlaneShift 3d mmorpg 0.3.020 released!

The new client for the free 3d fantasy mmorpg PlaneShift is now available. Download it from the project home page

Here are some of the improvements contained in this release compared to 019 :
New Features:
- Duels aren’t deadly anymore. You will knock a player down and then you will receive a message asking if you want to kill the player or not.
- Banking: Players will now be able to open a personal bank account. Guildleaders will also be able to open a guild bank account and set permission who can access the account. Not enabled yet in-game.
- New characters will now enter a tutorial-world when they login.
- The Death Realm is now cursed! Not enabled yet in-game.
- Authors are now able to name their books.
- Only the author of a book or sketch can now edit it. This ONLY applies to books and sketches bought AFTER the .20 release!
- Equipping helmets will now remove the hair mesh.
- Various fonts were changed to ones with a better (GPL) license.
- Work started on taxing.

- Various maps now use the new "Lighter2" lightmap system for creating light and shadows.
- Various maps now use a newer 3d format (genmeshes instead of thingmeshes).
- More icons and meshes for items have been added.
- A tutorial area has been added for new players. The tutorial has to be completed by new players before moving to the game world.
- The tavern has been expanded.

Changes That Have Been Made.
- Mouserun has been enabled by default to aid new players. It can be turned off by un-assigning the "LeftClick" in Options->Controls->Keys->Camera->MouseRun.
- The order of the main menu icons has been changed to make it more intuitive. Obviously this will need getting used to for long-time players.
- Many changes and updates to the Planeshift Advanced Windowing System, this is the code backend of the graphical user interface.
- The book writing window now looks better.
- Chatbubbles are prettier.
- The last used spell is now highlighted in the spells window.
- When your name is mentioned the specific tab will now flash in way recognizable from the normal way.
- The tutorial window now looks better.
- Equipped items won’t show up in Buy/Sell window anymore.
- You can now have up to 200 shortcuts.
- You’re now prompted for a password when you try to delete your character.
- Various fixes to the graphical user interface.
- The item description window now shows item sizes.
- The total amount of trias is now displayed in the skillwindow.
- The guild invitation window always stays on top now.
- Several improvements for weather and especially fog.
- Fog now reduces your viewing distance, so it is actually "thick" now.

- Changes to most environment sounds, for fading and distance values.
- New sound setups for the Winch and the Bronze Doors.
- A new sound for the "DRCitadel" in the Death Realm.

Movement and Combat:
- You will get the “too tired” message at 10% stamina now.
- Stamina now regenerates faster when sitting.
- Natural armour is now counted as a bonus to normal armour, instead of something that is replaced when you equip bought armour.
- Now you cannot use “/attack 1” anymore but you should use “/attack bloody” instead.
- You won’t be able to lure NPCs anymore by just pressing the attack button.
- A toggle key for running/walking can be used when you have autorun enabled(r), you must enabled it under Options first.
- Passing a region border no longer stops you from running.

- Planeshift now uses version 1.2 of The Crystal Space 3D engine and the Crystal Entity Layer environment.
- Meshes, textures and materials are now deleted when they aren’t needed anymore, this improves memory usage.
- The client now loads less models and textures during startup causing it to launch much faster, they are loaded on-demand now.
- Many changes and fixes to map loading and unloading, making it better and faster.
- Some optimizations in network code to make the server faster.

- You can now trade while sitting.
- Players can now stack items together regardless of quality and creator.
- An error message on /unstick now displays how long you have to wait until you can use /unstick again.
- The /pos command for showing your position now shows your instance too.
- Advisors can now see who other advisors are.
- The timeout for advisor sessions has been doubled.

Posted by Luca Pancallo 2007-11-11