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pkgbuild / News: Recent posts

pkgbuild 1.3.98 release

This release supports both SVr4 and IPS.

Version 1.3.98:

Bugs fixed:

\- legacy actions are now added to IPS manifests, so pkginfo
  recognises that the packages are installed.
\- handle errors running pkg\(1\)
\- fix detecting whether the user has permission to install packages

- Requires: /path/to/file now works for IPS packages as well,
detects if the file was installed with IPS or pkgadd and
adds the matching dependency
- use wget option to disable checking ssl certs so that automatic
download of https works (--sslcheckcert=0 or --no-check-certificate
depending on the wget version), reported by Ghee Teo... read more

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2009-02-22

pkgbuild 1.3.1 bugfix release

pkgbuild version 1.3.1 is here.

Changes in this release:

Bugs fixed:

\- \[ 1953614 \] write to single datastream

\- \[ 1953613 \] print filename of file stream written to

\- allow installation if the user has either the Software
  Installation or the Primary Administrator profile.  Also
  verify that they are not masked by Basic Solaris User.

\- stop using c99 features in pkgdbgrep.c

\- kill perl warnings for undefined variables in --dumprc
  \(reported by Andras Barna\)... [read more](/p/pkgbuild/news/2008/06/pkgbuild-131-bugfix-release/)
Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-06-23

SFE-devel mailing list

A new mailing was launched for people contributing to the SFE spec file repository. More details here:

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-06-23

pkgbuild 1.3.0 released

Bugs fixed:

\- fix detecting GNU tar for versions >= 1.15.1.  Patch from
  Mike Bristow.

\- expand macros in the argument of %files -f.  Patch from
  Mike Bristow.

\- do not send build failure emails for DEP\_FAILED specs

\- \[ 1786439 \] Regex characters need quoting

\- \[ 1812491 \] pkgtool with a unresponsive server takes too long

to timeout. Bug report and fix from Ananth Shrinivas S.

\- \[ 1767423 \] pkgtool error when download\_to dir has corrupted file
  Reported by Shiv.... [read more](/p/pkgbuild/news/2008/03/pkgbuild-130-released/)
Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-03-16

pkgbuild irc channel

Join us at irc://freenode.net/#pkgbuild

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2008-03-16

pkgbuild 1.2.0 released

Changes in this release:

Bugs fixed:

\- fix the bug where "pkgbuild build-only" did not include
  those packages in the depend file that were not installed
  \(reported by Eric Boutilier\)

\- make "pkgtool build-only" look for "BuildRequires" dependencies
  only \(and not "Requires" dependencies\)
  \(reported by Paul Cunningham\)

\- count DEP\_FAILED packages as failed in the exit status of
  pkgtool \(reported by Paul Cunningham\)... [read more](/p/pkgbuild/news/2007/04/pkgbuild-120-released/)
Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2007-04-01

SFE - spec file repository

SFE is a repository of Solaris (pkgbuild) spec files for various open source projects. It was mostly contributed by opensolaris.org community members.

To check out, use

svn co https://pkgbuild.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pkgbuild/spec-files-extra/trunk SFE

To browse, try http://pkgbuild.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pkgbuild/spec-files-extra/trunk/

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2006-10-01

pkgbuild 1.1.1 released

Note: pkgbuild 1.1.0 was never publicly released.

Version 1.1.1:

Bugs fixed:

\- fix bug introduced in 1.1.0 where %\{\_topdir\} is not expanded
  in configuration settings like download\_to


\- the %patch macro uses the %\_patch\_options macro \(when defined\)
  to specify additional options; use the %\_patch\_options macro
  to define patch policies like --fuzz=0 or --context

Version 1.1.0:... read more

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2006-10-01

pkgbuild-0.9.1 released

This release fixes a couple of minor bugs and
implements %if <expression>

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2005-06-30

version 0.9.0 released

The first release of pkgbuild on sf.net is now available for download.

Posted by Laszlo (Laca) Peter 2005-01-19