Note: pkgbuild 1.1.0 was never released to the public due to
minor but annoying bugs

Lots of changes since 1.0.1:

Version 1.1.1:

    Bugs fixed:

    - fix bug introduced in 1.1.0 where %{_topdir} is not expanded
      in configuration settings like download_to


    - the %patch macro uses the %_patch_options macro (when defined)
      to specify additional options; use the %_patch_options macro
      to define patch policies like --fuzz=0 or --context

Version 1.1.0:

    Bugs fixed:

    - in 1.0.1 source packages did not include the %use'd spec files

    - prep mode no longer checks the dependencies (Dermot McCluskey)

    - in download mode, wget times out after 60 sec

        - directives like %package are now case insensitive following
          rpm's behaviour

    - text wrapping implemented for --dumprc (Damien Carbery)

    - fixed bug where nested %if and %ifnarch or %ifnos
      conditionals confused the parser at the %endif line

    - do not include a copy of the class action script when using
          system (/usr/sadm/install/scripts) CASs.

        New features:

    - basic support for macros; no parametrised macro support yet,
          but simple macros can be defined in $HOME/.pkgbuildmacros.
      An example for using this is redefining %_topdir.  To do so,
      create a .pkgbuildmacros file that contains the following line:

        %_topdir /path/to/topdir

      The default macro definitions for %_prefix, %_bindir, etc are
          now in %_libdir/pkgbuild-<version>/macros

        - building as root is no longer supported, instead each user can
          have their own %_topdir.  This defaults to $HOME/packages but
          can be redefined with one of:

        .pkgbuildmacros  (%_topdir /path/to/topdir)
        pkgtool --topdir /path/to/topdir
        pkgbuild --define '%_topdir /path/to/topdir'

      The --with-topdir configure option has been removed, also the
      --enable-sticky-dirs option.

      Users need the Software Installation profile to be able to
      install/uninstall packages.  Lacking that, they will still be
      able to use modes like build-only, prep, download, which
      do not involve installing/uninstalling packages.

    - %{_tmppath} now defaults to /var/tmp/pkgbuild-$USER so that
      multiple users on the same machine can build at the same

        - spectool is a new script that is useful for extracting information
          from spec file, for example:

        % spectool get_sources gimp.spec
        % spectool eval '%version' gimp.spec

      Useful for scripting.  Use spectool --help for more details
      about usage.  Will write a man page at some stage...

    - .pkgtoolrc has been enhanced to allow appending to existing
          settings.  Example:

        tarballdirs: ${tarballdirs}:/path/to/my/tarballs

    - install-pkgs mode is now implemented

        - when creating the depend file, pkgbuild uses the list of Solaris
          package names for packages that are not installed on the system.
      The list is a simple text file:


        - added support for pkginfo tags required for supporting Zones:
      SUNW_pkg_allzones, SUNW_pkg_hollow, SUNW_pkg_thiszone

    - report a warning if %files contains absolute symlinks
      and report and error if an absolute symlink points to