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Request for Mac OS X version

I have updated the Tasks section with information on my longterm plans to add a Mac OS X version of the game, with versions in both console and GUI. The former should be no big problem since there are merely small modifications needed to the code in order for it to compile against the platform - or at least I hope that is the case. Releasing a GUI version of the game will however be a much bigger task and I cannot program it myself. Therefore I will ask other people if they are interested in contributing code to accomplish that goal. Targeting a third operating system means there will be more project visibility, as well as more users being able to play the game.... read more

Posted by Tony Granberg 2007-08-05

Project planned to be refurbished

Plans about getting this project revived and ported to WxGTK are under consideration right now.

The maintainer situation has changed and so some work in looking over the code is needed, slight modernisations and fixes for GCC4 might have to be done for a future release.

This is all for now. Check back another time for more updates on this.

-- tsarkon

Posted by Tony Granberg 2006-03-01

Pizza Business 1.0-beta9 finally released!

This is a minor bugfix release. It fixes the problems with loading and saving games (the .pbg file format).
It also includes, however, an UI installation program made using powerful bash scripting. There is still an interface bug in the Linux version. Got to correct this somehow ...?
Btw: today is the Swedish national day! Not that we actually care about it anyway, but it is worth to mention ;)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2003-06-06

Linux/PPC version and Debian package

There is now two new packages available:
PPC modified source (thanks, Josh!) and a Debian package to ease things for Debian users. (Thanks, Laurent!)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2003-04-30

Pizza Business 1.0-beta8 has been released!

1.0-beta8 has been released a couple of days ago. We had some trouble with the Linux binary release, but now the problems are fixed. Enjoy the new version and please give us feedback. Every little word of encouragement, makes us tenfold happy :)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2003-03-19

Pizza Business 1.0-beta7 is released!

The WxWindows code is now upgraded to meet 2.40, and does not require dynamically shared libraries any more, due to my decision to make it statically linked. So, all you need to run the game is the executable pbgame and the entities.pbd file. (Remember: if you choose to redistribute copies of this game, always include the license files and source code. Also, -never- take credit from work of others. Although this is considered to be obvious for most people, it doesn't hurt to emphasize it once in a while)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2003-02-08

Pizza Business 1.0-beta6 (WxWindows/GTK) has been released!

Contracting management system has been implemented and there are a lot of updated stuff available in the buy/sell section: new ingredients, tables and recipes! More of this to be added later.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2003-01-20

Pizza Business 1.0-beta5 (WxWindows/GTK) finally released!

Now, you can enjoy the updated wxWindows version of the Pizza Business 1.0-beta tree. There has been many small changes to the code, so all together this is a major update.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2003-01-04

Pizza Business 1.0-beta4 (WxWindows/GTK) released!

At last! The next long awaited (I hope) release of Pizza Business. This time, I am pleased to announce a compatible GUI for Linux. We have been busy the past 2 months, with the new platform-independent GUI source code. Enjoy! And don't forget to give us feedback! (Note that you need the WxWindows/GTK library to run the game:\)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-11-10

Pizza Business 1.0-beta2 released!

Read the CHANGELOG at to fnd out what's new. I have also added a README file, after the files were released, at this address:

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-09-09

Various mailing-lists have been created!

If you want to take a deeper look at this project, or have any question concerning this project, then please sign up for any of the mailing-lists available. (Note: there is a possibility that you will receive numerous mails quite often. If you access the internet through a slow 56K-modem, I suggest you be careful about joining, since it could be frustrating to fetch a lot of mail, at once)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-08-27

Patch NOT necessary anymore!

I have fixed all the errors. This game should be perfect to run now. Enjoy!

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-08-19

Patch available for download! Pizza Business 0.99.2 released

Because of a stupid conversion between ASCII and binary formats, Linux vs. Windows, MS Vstudio complains unexpectedly about some sort of "broken" files. This patch fixes this problem. All you have to do, is extracting these files and make sure you overwrite the old ones (just look at the filenames in the zip file, and you will know what I mean) - sorry for this bug, folks! Download here:

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-08-18

Pizza Business 0.99.1 (unstable) released!

Today is the day! The first unstable release was released, and most of the new things here, is the long waited development of a GUI. Right now, only the win32 version, though. This will change later on.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-08-13

Pizza Business 0.99 (with docs) released!

This is mainly a bug release, but also includes design documents for developers and other interested people. It is not 100% done yet - that's why you won't find it under "documentation" here, right now. Stay tuned.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-08-04

Pizza Business 0.98 has been released!

Today, I released version 0.98, and this time it is categorized by platform and source vs. binary files. Whatever your choice is, I hope it works flawless for you. Let me remind you to report severe bugs if you find one (which I hope you won't ;)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-07-21

Pizza Business 0.97 is released!

Pizza Business 0.97 has finally been released, after carefully reconstructing the project files.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-07-02

Upcoming release of 0.97

Hello, people. A lot of changes have been made, lately. New tools for developers and a much more advanced Makefile was created. Dynamic restaurant object creation, everything read from a binary .pbd-file, and a diagnostic shellscript.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-06-27

Submit of next stable version delayed

Strange behaviour in the Interface, also referred to as Menu System, delays the release of a new stable version. When this has been fixed, I will release the stable code. Until then, download the nightly CVS build (unstable), or use anonymous CVS to fetch this unstable code.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-06-10

#pizza-business @

today I started the official IRC-channel for the project.
If you have any interest in it, and wanna discuss ideas or have any constructive comments to this project, go ahead to make yourself heard there.
/ tsarkon

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-06-04

Pizza Business 0.95 alpha released! (contrib by bigj_sal)

Now, an alpha-version with code rebuilt upon object orientation, has been released.
Enjoy, and give comments in the forum if you have anything to comment on the code I release here!

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-05-23

Pizza Business 0.94 released!

This release contains numerous of bug fixes, like usual, even more code cleanup, wiped out unnecessary variable leftovers, etc.
Application parameter check, was also a LOT better rearranged.
Still things to do in the menu system, though.

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-05-20

Release number is wrong

I haven't cared to change the preprocessor line:
#define VERSION 0.91
it should state 0.93, of course.
I will be more pedantic at the next release.
Sorry if you find it annoying. Just change it yourself if you get all to irritated ;D

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-05-16

Small restructure of code

I have changed the layout just a little:
now you find globally used functions in functions.c, and globally used variables, in variables.c (the extension is to show that it is a bunch of declarations put together in a file. It is not ordinary sourcecode files, by MY opinion. It's easier to maintain this way, if you ask me)

Posted by Tony Granberg 2002-05-16