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Pixory 0.5.4 now available

This release includes:

Java 1.5 support.

Some bugfixes

Upgrade to Hibernate 3.1.2

Posted by Ronald Pulleman 2006-07-30

Pixory 0.5.3 now available

This release comprises improvements to the logical consistency of the navigation scheme.

Posted by joe panico 2005-01-19

Pixory 0.5.2 now available

included in this release:

Some improvements to tables and sorting under the Composer

Significant improvements to the FTP server.

Several minor bugfixes.

Upgrade to HSQLDB 1.7.3.

Posted by joe panico 2004-12-29

Pixory 0.5.1 now available

German localization is now pretty much complete.

There are sundry other minor enhancements and bugfixes in this release.

Posted by joe panico 2004-12-03

Pixory 0.5.0 now available

This is the first Open Source release for project Pixory. Source code is available from the SF CVS server at pixory.cvs.sourceforge.net.

Posted by joe panico 2004-11-24