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Global Illumination crashes on hi-res images

  • Aron Gombas
    Aron Gombas

    I've tried 1.3.20, the bug still exists. :(
    (For curiosity, this time I've tried another hider ("raytrace"). That one crashes, too, but at a later bucket. I guess it might be some memory management problem...)

  • Aron Gombas
    Aron Gombas

    Hi Okan!

    This is based on my recent experiences, it's just guessing, but might be somewhat useful for you.

    I have many stability problems with Pixie: after a while, it simply crashes on all the "moderately complex" scenes I use.
    First I thought that it's related to some of the features, and I started to simplify my shaders, but it didn't always help.
    Then which basically solved the problem was keeping the complex shaders, but using a higher value for ShadingRate and lower value for PixelSamples. I can see that Pixie uses less memory when using the new values, so I guess the reason for the crashes is not a programming mistake, but Pixie might simply run out of memory (as it happens when using "too many" photons)...
    If so, IMHO one of the key points to make Pixie able to work with large models would be some more efficient memory usage.
    (I can render the same scenes with the original ShadingRate/PixelSamples using 3delight, that needs less memory, I guess because of the completely different algorithms/implementation.)