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Raytracing functions support "subs...

  • In PRMan one can use an optional parameter to raytracing RSL functions:

        "subset",  traceSet

    This then limits the scope of the raytrace only to those meshes in the RIB that belong to the specified set. This is a huge benefit in that it is a simple workflow for optimizing render times by limiting raytracing to only the meshes that absolutely need to be traced.

    The RenderMan Artist Tools documentation descripes this parameter thusly:

    > "Specifies which objects to consider
    > in  the trace.  When no value is
    > provided, the trace set defaults to
    > the value specified in the RIB  stream
    > via the 'tracesubset' grouping
    > attribute."

    **Does Pixie support this or a similar parameter?**

    If not, I suppose I can get clever with my RSL, but I find the subset workflow much more flexible and preferable, and would highly recommend it for future releases.

    How have others addressed this issue in Pixie?

  • Okan Arikan
    Okan Arikan

    Unfortunately Pixie does not support this yet, but it is a good idea to have it in the next release.