Pixie don't get full path to file

  • Jack-Jack

    If i use command like "rndr c:\work\project\test.rib" i get message
    Failed to find "c"
    Failed to find "\work\project\test.rib"

    • Richard Layman
      Richard Layman

      Try using 'C' instead of 'c'. You usually will navigate to the folder and start the rib from there, so all you would need to write is:
      rndr test.rib
      This also helps helps when it comes to finding shaders, or other ribs, you'll use outside of the main rib because the location you started the rndr command at will be the starting point to search for other files. So if you started your render at C:\ and the rib was work\project\test.rib and you wanted to call another rib, you would have to add 'C:\work\project\' to the archive searchpath or put the full path in the ReadArchive command:
      Put if you start rndr in the same folder as your files, you don't have to do any of that:
      ReadArchive "mesh.rib"

      At least that's the way it is on my OS (linux), I havn't used Windows in awhile, so it may work differently.

    • Yes, it's a bug. Internally paths are separated by colon so Pixie thinks c:\work\project\test.rib is two paths to two separate RIBs. My fault; I didn't realize colon is a valid path character on some platforms.

      The only workaround is to use relative paths on the same drive.
      I've prepared a fix patch for this bug.

    • Jack-Jack

      Thank You!