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render RIB from VTK?

  • MartyCamel

    I've been using VTK for a while for various scientific visualization projects and only recently started playing with Pixie. I'm trying to render a scene that is built in VTK then saved out to an .rib file using the class vtkRIBExporter. It works (meaning that I can generate a image with it using Pixie) but when I add a light in the VTK scene and export the RIB Pixie gives the message 'Parameter "shadows" is not declared'. I'm new to RIB syntax as well, unfortunately, so nothing is jumping out at me when I look through the VTK generated .rib file.

    Does anyone know about particular issues when rendering scenes from VTK using Pixie? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

    • Okan Arikan
      Okan Arikan

         Hi Marty,

         This is a parameter that was used by BMRT. It is not a part of the RenderMan interface as published by Pixar. This is just a warning and should not affect your render.