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What's the trick?

  • Downloaded the OSX installer package for i386 Macs.  Ran it, and it gave me a successful install message.  Checked the location -- all is well.  Set PIXIEHOME to /Applications/Graphics/Pixie.  Checked my environment -- yep, it's there. 

    My Mac couldn't care less.  It refuses to recognize sdrinfo or rndr, saying "command not found."  Checked for proper symbolic links in lib and displays, and found none, but being a newbie I have no idea how to fix this.  How do I get Pixie to work?!  I've done everything I know to do! What's the trick? 

    Thanks for any help.

    • Okay, so I figured out I was missing a PATH entry, so now it knows where to look for rndr.  But now I still have a problem -- it thinks there should be liftiff files in the Pixie/lib directory.  I copied one in, but I'm still missing all kinds of symbolic links in the lib and displays directories.  What did I do wrong?