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Pixie 1.5.5 on SGI/IRIX

  • Hi,

    just want to report that I successfully compiled Pixie1.5.5
    on SGI/IRIX using gcc3.3. In contrast to my last experiments
    with Pixie on that platform some time ago, this time Pixie
    was able to produce rendered images that were not all-black!
    No extensive tests with complex RIBs done yet, however.

    Anyway, since I was also able to compile sdrinfo and related
    libraries with SGI-CC (7.4.2), there is now also an aysdr
    plugin for Ayam on that platform.
    Compilation of the complete renderer with SGI-CC failed.

    In order to get Pixie to compile on IRIX, I had to inject a lot
    of #include <alloca.h> lines (into every source file that
    uses alloca()). I think I reported this long time ago?
    Memory usage of gcc went through the ceiling on execute.cpp
    so that this file had to be compiled without -O2.

    best regards,
    http://www.ayam3d.org/    Reconstruct the World!

    • George Harker
      George Harker


      can you tell me if there's a #define to detect IRIX?

      All the files that need alloca include common/global.h .  Simply placing #include "alloca.h" in there will get your compile working without touching so many files.  I'd like to do this only for IRIX though, so if there's a define I can test, that'd be great.



    • Hi George,

      IIRC that would be "sgi" (#ifdef sgi).

      best regards,
      http://www.ayam3d.org/    Reconstruct the World!