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Undeclared Attributes and Options

  • The option and attribute calls makes pixie segfalt if I am trying to get an undeclared user attribute or option. I thing it should return empty instead.

    • George Harker
      George Harker

      Hi AKHmetgaleev,

      I can't recreate this.  The option() and attribute() sl calls should return a 0 if they can't find the attribute/ option or the types don't match.

      This seems to be working correctly for me.

      I checked with vanilla attributes / options and also user attributes / options.  If the attribute / option is not found, the value that's already set should be left alone:

      string dummy=""';

      should leave dummy set to "".

      Do you have a small example of the crash?



    • I'm just forgot to assign default value.
      - string dummy="";
      + string dummy;// <- this is my mistake

      With dummy="" all works fine.