Liquid v1.7 for Maya 7 and Pixie

  • Hi i have compiled Liquid v1.7 against Pixie and made it available here:


    • Yves Rogez
      Yves Rogez

      I tried your compiled version for Maya 7 but get a (unknown module error on loading - like with Maya version mismatch).

      I would like to try compiling it by myself...
      Where have you found libraries for librib.lib, libsloargs.lib, libtarget.lib, libprmutil (prman1.11?), liblkm.lib ?

      Thank you in advance for your enlighted answer.

      • I compiled it against Pixie, install Pixie and the plug-in should load.

    • Chad Gleason
      Chad Gleason

      Hi there, I've installed it and rendered images successfully, but when go into FLuid and try to load an SDR from either the Liquid or Pixie directory, it errors and says "Error: Unknown Shader type "Unable":C:/Program Files/Liquid/shaders/liquidchecker.sdr"
      I set the preset in Render Globals to "Pixie", but it still doesnt work.  Any ideas?
      Also, is Liquid 1.7 the version that supposedely converts Hypershade networks to renderman?  Or is that going to be a later version?  (Or not at all....?)