Incorrect variable used in CAttributes::find

  • writhe

    Found another bug in CAttributes::find. The method takes a "name" argument which overshadows the "name" instance variable. This causes the wrong variable to be passed back to the caller (i.e. the "name" that the method is called with instead of "this->name").

    Patch is at:

    George: you said earlier that I should post in the forums if I'm also submitting a patch so you guys notice it. Sourceforge posts an email notification when the patch is submitted to the tracker (at least, I get one…). You still want me to post in the forums? I don't want to spam the lists with redundant info for each patch.

    • Okan Arikan
      Okan Arikan

         Thanks Writhe,

         I applied the patch to the trunk.

         PS: For some reason, I do not get the notification for stuff submitted to the bug tracker even though I'm set to get them. George, are you in the same boat?


    • Okan,

      are you Tech&Admin of the respective tracker? Are the items you do not
      got notification for assigned to you? Maybe setting the auto assign
      to your account helps?
      Also note, that the patch of the OP was posted to the patch tracker,
      and not the bugs tracker. However, since the drop down menu for the
      assignees on
      is empty, I think you are simply not Tech or Admin on that tracker
      at all. => no E-Mail

      best regards,