Is there a ray tracer for physicists?

  • sylvanus

    Is there a ray tracer for physicists? for rigorous research purpose?

    Hi, I am an half physicist and half electrical engineer.

    I am a newbie of computer graphics. I found out that the ray tracers are for computer graphics, so that the computer can render some objects with the right color.

    However, what I am looking for is not for that purpose, but it's about cumputer simulation of what really happens when some bunch of rays which is radiated by a Transmit antenna hits upon the  aircraft.

    In other words, I want to shoot and track the bounced off rays from an aircraft fuselage. The aircraft CAD data is in IGES form.

    So far I could not find any ray tracer which calculates all the diffracted, double reflected, reflected-diffracted, and creeping rays.

    I would be very appreciated if you recommand any relavent ray tracer with easy use for a noob like me.


    Kee Ung

  • Hibou57

    You should search for Unbiased Renderer.

    I believe Indigo and Maxwell may be worth to try for you.
    There may be others, these are just the only two ones I know of.

    Note these are not necessarily raytracer only, as raytracing is not modeling everything. If I'm not wrong, photons expose some uncertainty in their physical behaviors.