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#100 "Too many eyesplits" triggered with displacementbound >= 4.

Adam Buchbinder

Running the attached RIB under Pixie SVN (r1169) throws a very long series of "Too many eyesplits" errors.

Is this an architectural problem with the way Pixie is structured, or it bailing out of the eyesplit routine too early? I wouldn't have filed a bug on this, except that other renderers work properly with it--BMRT renders it, as does 3Delight; Aqsis gives a similar error "WARNING: Max eyesplits for object "unnamed" exceeded". Moving the camera back and/or decreasing the displacement bounds allows the render to proceed.

The original files are from http://www.edit.ne.jp/~katsu/rms_tree.htm; I fixed the line endings so they'd be interpretable and hacked it down to test-case size. It originally included some astonishing abuse of the shading language, but that's been edited out as well in the included sample.


  • RIB triggering the error.

    • priority: 5 --> 3
  • Okan Arikan
    Okan Arikan

    This is an architectural issue related to scan line rendering. If you change the hider to "raytrace", it will render without the eye split warnings. Overall, Pixie may be a little overzealous in the warning messages here. I will implement a cleaner detection of problem cases.

    Looking at the RIB, the scene seems quite simple and I do not see a cause for the eye split warnings.

  • Okan Arikan
    Okan Arikan

    • status: open --> open-accepted