1. In attempting to render video to DVD format, the output is always horribly compressed, with a very blocky and blurred appearance.  The input is fine.  Why does this happen?  Here's what I've tried:


ffenc_ac3 (48 kHz)


2. Can I export clips to separate files?  I need to edit a video with a menu.  An easy way to do that would be to chop the video into edited clips, and then render and export selected clips or groups of clips.  I can select the clips, but there doesn't seem to be a way to export just the selected clips.

3. Also, I didn't have any luck in grouping clips.  I couldn't tell that the grouping button did anything.

4. I have a 1-hour video divided into about 20 clips that have been rearranged.  On trying to delete several clips at a time, PiTiVi invariably hangs.  Two adjacent clips is OK; three or more is problematic; five or more is an invitation to give up and start over.  It sometimes helps if I wait a few seconds before attempting another deletion.  Is this a known problem?

5. The playback button sometimes becomes unresponsive.  Sometimes it starts playing a minute or two later, after the playback marker has been moved, leading me to think I have accidentally moved a clip and hidden it somehow.  A known problem?

Thanks.  FYI, I'm running Ubuntu Maverick.