Hey Frank,

I share your frustration. But in a different area. For me it was all the bad video mixing it did and the slow thumbnail generation eating up my CPU everytime I moved around (thank god that can now be turned off...).

You should be able to this to accomplish what you want:

1. start pitivi.
2. add your clip to the "library section.
3. drag the clip down to the timeline
4. zoom in as appropriate so you can select real fine frame-by-frame if you want.
5. click *the clip* (not the timebar) where you want to start your removal. sometimes I'll click forward and backward until I get the exact frame I want to slice on.
6. click the scissors. this cut the clip one time right at that spot.
7. go to the end of the section you want removed, clicking the clip until you get the exact spot you want to clip on.
8. click the scissors again.
9. now your video will be three sections, click the middle section that you don't want and hit "delete".
10. slide the remaining video over until it's butted up against the first part.
11. go back to step 5 until done removing all unwanted sections.
12. click render, select the type of output/format/blah that you want, file to save to, etc, and render the project.
13. email us back and let us know how it went.

The reason I emphasize clicking on the clip, if a clip is not selected (and yes, you can have no clip selected by just clicking the timebar instead of the clips), clicking the scissors does nothing - pitivi doesn't know which clip you're wanting to cut, even if it's the only clip at that specific point (it's obviously very unassuming).

Sorry it's been so complicated.

Thanks and God Bless,

Richard W. Pickett, Jr.

P.S. Have you downloaded the journal from my trip to Haiti:


2011/3/8 Frank Dudley Berry Jr <fdber@yahoo.com>
To all:

This program drives me nuts. Despite its obvious potential, it is hopelessly counterintuitive. Forget gee-whiz effects, and all. What I would live to do is:

(a) Move a recorded video into the program.

(b) Edit out commercials and other nuisance stuff.

(c) Save in the appropriate format.

"(b)" is the problem. Click on a point on the timeline? I do. Sometimes the tools become active, sometimes not. I can't tell why or when. )I am a very experienced user of AVS, Avidemux, and other simpler tools.). When active, I'd like to click at one point in the file with the razor, click on another, and delete the portion between. That's the way Avidemux works and most of the simpler tools in Windows/Mac. Can I do that in pitivi?

No. The point isn't marked, but changes when I move the tool. The tools in the Timeline bar never become active. And there isn't one blessed word in the absolutely inadequate documentation on the subject.

The You Tube tutorials are frankly terrible. All sorts of wonderful things about detaching the audio file and moving video clips here and there. But not one blasted word about the basic mechanics of edit out, which is probably where everyone starts.

As a result, I have had this tool since at least Lucid and have never used it once. 
You guys should learn that everyone walks before they can run. Please put out some 'See Dick run' documentation on the simplest, most basic operations before you begin extolling all the advanced tools.


Frank Dudley Berry, Jr.
(831) 588-2519
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